Update: Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Several reporters have said to me, “Some people are saying that the I Love Ferguson group is trying to change the image of Ferguson.”

My reply, “We are NOT trying to change Ferguson’s image, we are trying to CORRECT it.”

 How about that Pumpkin Walk?!

Talk about a tremendous and wonderful surprise. None of us knew what to expect. When you do something for the first time, you give it your best shot and hope for the best. What we received was perfect. Everything went on without a hitch. Tons of beautiful children in fun costumes graced the streets of Old Ferguson East. It was a glorious day made only in heaven. Some of us definitely felt the presence of GOD shining his light safely on our children.

A HUGE thank you, to CVS Pharmacy (NOW OPEN at Dunn Rd. and Florissant Rd) who donated more than $5,000 worth of candy. A MASSIVE shout out to Scott Negwer of Negwer Materials who paid for all of the Pumpkin Walk signs (we will be using these again NEXT year). Without CVS & Negwer, this simply would not have been possible.

Thanks to the more than 125 volunteers, participants, donors, CERT & VIP members! We are proud to call you friends. A special thanks also to Tim Ezell & Crew, the Journey SC Volunteers.

There is a little money left and it will be used to start our next community outreach effort. Early in November we will start a collection of new toys and clothing for the low income children of the Ferguson area.

You heard right, I believe an annual tradition has begun in Ferguson. All I heard were rave reviews. It just makes common sense. Many asked, “Why haven’t we done this before now?”  A daytime safe Halloween event in a controlled, loving environment. Save the date for next year: Sunday, October 25th, 2015. Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have a quick Pumpkin Walk Parade down Elizabeth right before the trick or treating begins? Talk about a Kodak moment!

Our New Home

The “I Love Ferguson” Store at 299 S. Florissant Rd.

Open M-F 9am-5pm and Sat. 9am-2pm. Closed Sunday

Credit & Debit Cards & Checks accepted – We Ship-Call 314-852-4754 to Order

  • Black & forest green polo shirts with white thread and red heart: $25 up to XL, $30 XXL and up
  • Long sleeve t-shirts- colors: red, yellow, gray, or black- $15 for sizes up to XL and $18 for sizes up to XXXL.
  • Hoodie colors: navy blue, gray and black.  Sizes up to XL are $25 and sizes XXL and XXXL are $30 each.
  • Short sleeve tshirts colors: yellow, red, black, pink, orange, teal blue, safety green, yellow, purple, and gray. Sizes up to XL are $10. Sizes XXL and larger are $15.
  • Gloss Black Coffee Mug- with white lettering and red heart, $8 or 2 for $15
  • Red or green can Koozies- $3 or 2 for $5

Thank You Thank You

The Grand Opening of our 299 S. Florissant storefront was a Huge Success!

More than 100 well wishers attended Friday’s Grand Opening of the NEW storefront for I Love Ferguson.

Since the beginning of our 9 week journey, many thank yous are in order at this point.

This is a list of individuals – to the best of my ability – who have volunteered repeatedly or donated items for the opening of our storefront. Many thanks to those who donated for the original or subsequent sign purchases. There are too many to list. I KNOW someone will slip my mind. Please e-mail me anyone you believe has been left off this list. I greatly apologize, if I missed your name. In no particular order:

Corner Coffee House- Joanie Barbero, the Loneros and crew
John C. Engelmeyer-CPA, Ferguson Graphics- Steve Kates, Hewkin Auto Body- Steve & Donna Hewkin, Sportsprint- Ralph & Kathy Rockamann, Mobile Eye Care Solutions- Rob & Lisa Chabot, Mark & Neil Gellman- Landlord, Ted Hankins, Blue Tapp Scheffer- Webmaster, Gary Voss, Joey Neiman, Judy Pappert, Paul Morris, Chuck James, Dave “oh baby’ Walters, Jim Murphy Jr., Becky & Dan Cowin, Sandy and Tom Sansevere, Peggy & Pat Faul, Jane Jackson, Ceil & Larry Webber, Cathy Cunninham, Kim @ Ferguson Hardware, Keith Kalstrom, Alice Fletcher & friends, Zak Lore, David Keller, Allison Rockamann Dudash, SLUH- High School, Incarnate Word Academy, Ken Wheat, Pam Paters, Dwight Southall, Etefa Young, Bev Proost, Eileen Zlotopolski, Ken Barnadyn, Toni Roper, Nancy Whitener, John Mueller, Mary Weiskoft, Trevor McCullough, Dorothy Seiter, First Baptist Church, Greater North County Chamber, Northwest Chamber, North County Inc., City of Hazelwood, Mark Goldstein, Steve & Lisa Wegert, Grace Fischel, Mattthew Cutler, Tana Cofer, Ralph & Ank Ankenbrand, Elaine Wirt, Ted & Sharon Heideman, Reese Donato, Dorothy Kaiser, Debbie & Doug Palgota, Joan Dewitt, Joe Orlando, Deb & Ron Norgard, Chris Shanahan, Marveena Miller, Jerry Miller, Rosanne & Marianne Petru, Martin Pion, Mary Ann Mennemeyer, Mike McGarth, Georgia Rossel, Larry Robinette, Kyle McLafferty, Shannon Howard, Lew Keathley, Sandy Hunter, Jerry Kiske, Bishop Larry Jones, Jane Jackson, Dwayne Ingram, Keith Kalltrom, Dorothy Kaiser, Mary Saunchegraw, Trevor Scott, Jim & Patty Knowles, Tony & Lisa Lonero, Senator Gina Walsh, Robin Stranquist, Duane Mazzacavello, Painted Effects- Bob McCarty, Glenn Marshall, Pete Gallager, Marilyn Geiger, Matt & Pat Dreifke, Susan Donnell, Sue O’dell, Chris Diamond, Bill Dehmer, Matthew Cutler, Ann & Don Chisholm, Cox Tuck-pointing- James Cox, Flooring Systems, Dan & Dana Duncan, Bob McGartland, Kathy & Keith Eckberg, Marie Ellison, Carla Fletcher, Toni Burrow, Ruth and Gunnar Brown, Jeannie Boettcher, Tim Larson, Thea Rubin, Lou Aboussie, Gina Walsh- not the Senator, Ruffina Ankleraria, Ruth, Jerry, Emily Benner, Steve Lawler, Gail Babcock- FYI, Linda Hensiek, Mary Haux, Ann & Dennis Callahan, Theresa& Tom Carper, Kathy & Mike Noelker, St. Stephens Church, Immanuel Church of Christ, Sarah Fletcher, and last, but most importantly a thank you to my wife who I have placed a lot of stress on.

Brian P. Fletcher, Chairman
I Love Ferguson Committee