We are a volunteer group of residents from Ferguson Missouri who have joined together in support of this wonderful community of choice for all people. We love Ferguson and it’s surrounding diverse communities and are committed to help support all residents, businesses, schools, churches and community events.

We believe that  with God’s help, the people in any community can become the driving force for positive change. This change creates a stronger and more unified city. All things are possible if we all work together.

We sell I heart Ferguson and Ferguson memorabilia. Also painting for Peace books and more, and now have merchandise in 58 countries and every state in the USA. Since 2014, the I Love Ferguson organization has donated over $143,000.00 to help rebuild businesses and support many local charities and community organizations.

Thanks to all our volunteers and all the people from around the world who support us. Donations are always welcome. Peace and love to all. Like us on Facebook.

Sandy Sansevere,  Chairwoman