Update: Wednesday, September 25, 2014

Hello: I Love Ferguson supporters, followers and members,

Some Fun Facts About The “I Love Ferguson” Committee:

  1. The first 3,000 “I Love Ferguson” signs started going up on August 18th. Since then, we have distributed and/or ordered 10,000 signs.
  2. More than 5,600 “I Love Ferg”, “Ferguson Proud”, or “I Love Ferguson” t-shirts and hoodies have been sold and/or ordered.
  3. 1,700 can KOOZIES have been sold and/or ordered: 1200 red & 500 green.
  4. More than 300 “I Love Ferguson” buttons have been produced. (Yes volunteers make them) – Materials donated by Dorothy Seiter
  5. 1,000 “I Love Ferguson” window/bumper stickers have been distributed.
  6. “I Love Ferguson” items are now in more than 13 different countries, including: Belgium, Afghanistan, Pakistan, England, Ireland, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, and Guatemala, and more than 36 states.
  7. More than 288 “I Love Ferguson” coffee mugs have been sold and/or ordered.
  8. We have seven different color t-shirts: pink, orange, blue, purple, gray, black, and safety green.
  9. We have more than 20 frequent volunteers who staff the Corner Coffee House: 7 days a week.
  10. On Community Outreach Saturday, August 30th, more than 200 volunteers distributed 2,500, I Love Ferguson yard sign and flyers in about 2 hours.
  11. On Community Outreach Saturday, September 20th, more than 100 volunteers collected, sorted, packed, and loaded: sundry/personal care items. It was enough for 8 Ferguson pantries, Parents as Teachers and Koch Elementary which serves the children of the Canfield and Northwinds Apt. We collected more than $4,000 worth of diapers alone. Great success!
  12. More than 40 interviews for magazine and/or newspaper articles and/or TV and/or radio have been conducted in a period of 5 weeks.
  13. We have sold 14 custom, handmade t-shirt bags.
  14. Our daily updates reach an estimated 11,000 individuals via social media, our website (Iloveferguson.com), Facebook, e-mail blast and twitter.
  15. Our gross Sales -so far- are more than $45,000- minus cost of signs, shirts, hoodies, and stickers.  All proceeds will be donated to a fund for the independent/ mom and pop businesses that were damaged.
  16. We have -so far- donated $5000 to Reinvest North County, a fund which provides relief to Ferguson and Dellwood businesses and schools that have recently been affected.  Another $5000 donation will be scheduled soon.
  17. Countless media/TV/Celebrities follow our “I Love Ferguson” Campaign.


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Just Arrived KOOZIES: 500 forest green and 500 red Thursday afternoon $3 ea. or 2 for $5.

I LOVE FERGUSON ITEMS AVAILABLE this week at the Corner Coffee House (100 N. Florissant – across from Shop N Save) M-F from 9am-5pm, Sat. & Sun. from 9am-2pm.

We have restocked all I Love Ferguson short sleeve t-shirts. Available colors: Blue, Orange, Pink, Safety Green, Gray, Black, and Purple. Sizes up to XL are $10. Sizes XXL and larger are $15.

Coffee mugs – gloss black with white letters and red heart are available for $8 each or 2 for $15.

We have a LIMITED number of – Infant, toddlers, and youth – Hoodies and T-shirts. We now have gray and BLACK long-sleeve t-shirts for $15 for sizes up to XL and $18 for sizes up to XXXL. Gray HOODIES are now in stock (no pre-ordering needed). Sizes up to XL are $25 and sizes XXL and XXXL are $30 each. COME quick, everything will run out FAST.

And don’t forget about our “I Love Ferguson” yard signs: donations accepted.

All proceeds will be donated to a fund for the independent/ mom and pop businesses that were damaged.
Brian P. Fletcher, Chairman
I Love Ferguson Committee
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