Update: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

WOW $35,000 raised in one week!

You probably have noticed that I have gone silent since last Monday night. Quite frankly, I have been so busy, I could not respond. We have all been devastated by what we saw and heard that evening. I have spoken to any media that would let me speak. I defended our city with every fiber of my being. I could not believe this was really happening to our beloved community. Epic failure, except for our local government. Our community was promised that we would be protected by the National Guard and State Highway Patrol. We were instead ignored for hours.

I don’t care what excuse Governor Nixon eventually comes up with. He failed as a leader in a time of crisis, plain and simple. I believe a person’s true character rises or sinks during extreme pressure. Mr. Nixon is finished as an elected official as far as I am concerned.

NOW the great news. The people have responded and are responding. We have raised over $35,000 since last Monday night. The destruction and looting was so massive it will take millions upon millions of Dollars to rebuild. Rebuild we will. I guarantee it. We have the spirit and character to survive and grow even stronger. We will rebuild West Florissant. We will insist on aid from the State and Federal Government. I believe in this community. No more time for tears; we must get to work. God bless Ferguson and North County and give us strength!

I want to introduce Ms. Danni Eickenhorst. She has agreed to help market and help better brand I Love Ferguson, the 501(c)3 not for profit. Danni has extensive social media skills and has worked extensively with many not-for-profits. She has been a godsend these past several days, helping me post in my absence. I look forward to her wonderful assistance.



You can now order online at our I LOVE FERGUSON ONLINE STORE!

Be patient while we work out the bugs. We need to charge more to cover shipping but we are up and running. We need volunteers to fill the orders and work the store. Please call the store at 314-254-7400 to help volunteer or if you want to order by phone.


Special Edition I (Heart) Ferguson by Thursday or Friday


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Brian P. Fletcher, Chairman

I Love Ferguson Committee